Rubbish accumulation continues to be a real issue – Letters to the Editor coming in

Letter to the Editor regarding the recent story about Rubbish Accumulation around the Myall area.


In relation to your article on 1 January regarding ‘Keeping Up With Demand – Myall Coast Rubbish Solutions’.

This sign is the response to my written request to Council asking for ‘A skip placed in the car park at the end of Sanderling Ave in the beach car park would assist us locals who walk along the beach and keep it clean’.

This notice was placed by Council in the car park at the end of Sanderling Avenue.Great Lakes Council rubbish sign

Council expects a visitor to our beach on Friday afternoon to pick up his rubbish, retain it until Sunday afternoon, when the tip opens, locate the Tip and deposit the trash together with a fee.

Get real! Firstly they don’t pick up the trash and who in his right mind is going to follow these instructions. Us residents usually pick up the rubbish.

The Cairns and Townsville Councils welcome visitors. They have drinking fountains for both humans and animals placed at strategic spots along their foreshore together with pooh bag dispensers and a dustbin nearby to dispose of the rubbish.

Our Council puts up threatening signs and chops down the Coral trees along the waterfront and we are supposed to be a tourist mecca.

I was not contacted by the waste section. We just discovered the sign in the car park.

David Bruce, Tea Gardens


The big issue at Pindimar over the holidays is garbage. Peter Economos write this report on behalf of the Pindimar Bundabah Community Association.Pindimar Bundabah Rubbish issues

“Over the past 10 years Council has failed to address this issue satisfactorily.

They are not serving the local residents / ratepayers with the garbage service required over the Christmas and holiday periods.

They are not addressing the non collection of the additional garbage created by the influx of people in the holiday period.Pindimar Rubbish issues

The people of this area should be treated the same way as those elsewhere with facilities provided to cope with this issue.

They have stopped supplying Skips to collect the additional garbage.

They expect holiday visitors to the area to take their garbage to the landfill facilities.

This does not happen, it finishes up on the sides of the road or into the bush, an untidy health/safety issue for local residents.

Council’s excuse is budget restraints.

Pindimar Rubbish issues

They could charge non-urban ratepayers a minor garbage collection fee and resolve this problem.

The photo are Skips filled with garbage during past holiday periods which Council failed to empty as required.

Their solution this year is not to supply them saying incorrectly that the non supply worked at Easter time.

Complaints and documentation proved that their statements are incorrect.

They are not appreciating the volunteer workers of the area that keep it neat and tidy all year round.”

Pindimar Rubbish issues






Pindimar Rubbish issues Pindimar Rubbish issues


  1. Brian H says

    The problem with excess rubbish does not just come from ‘non-urban’ land holders. I have seen more than a dozen ‘local residents’ dumping larger than normal items like old TV’s in these skip bins.
    Looking up and down the streets before garbage collection day – every residents garbage bin was already full, so where do they put the rest? That’s right…

  2. michael says

    This is Pindimar / Bundabah. Great Lakes Council couldnt care less about the region. They will be spending money hand over fist with volunteers and paid staff working around Forster / Tuncurry bending over backwards over the summer break. Try reading GLC minutes to see where the money goes and the ONLY priority GLC has. Doing all they can to keep tourists out of the region except in Forster. Its only been happening for the last 25 years!


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