Stroud, New South Wales, 2425

Stroud is a small country town one hour north of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It is part of the Great Lakes Council area. The major road through Stroud is the Bucketts Way.

The township of Stroud can trace its beginning back to the late 1820s when it became the headquarters for a public funded company known as the Australian Agricultural Company (A. A. Company). In 1824, this company received a grant of one million acres (4,000 km²) of land between Port Stephens and the Manning River. This land was to be used for agriculture.Stroud NSW

Stroud was a self-contained village by 1832 and, as early as 1836, the Company’s storehouses and much of the convict labour force were located there. By 1850, it had become the Company’s headquarters. Land was subdivided for private settlement in 1849, with settlers arriving from England the following year to take up land grants there.

Many fine buildings were constructed at Stroud. Some of these are still in use today: Stroud House (1827-32); St John’s Church (1833) and Quambi School House (late 1830s). Also worthy of mention are the underground grain silos, built by the A. A. Company for the storage of grain.

Some events at Stroud

The Stroud Show is usually the first weekend after Easter. The Stroud International Brick and Pin Throwing Contest is usually held on a Saturday in July. The Stroud Rodeo is usually the third weekend in September.

How to get to Stroud

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