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Why Myall Coast News? What do I get?

You are in business. And talking to your existing and potential customers is very important for both sustainability and for growth. There are many forms of marketing available to you and it’s likely you’ll be investing in more than one method  of promoting your business to the community. Myall Coast News has developed a very low pricing structure that maximises your available marketing dollar. We are an independent mulit platform news and media company delivering quality local news and information to the local Lower Great Lakes communities. We are in PRINT see our print version. We are SOCIAL on Facebook. We are Online through WEBSITE and MOBILE… each platform very strong with unique and overlaying following. We have the trust, readership and participation of the community.  The Myall Coast audience is reliant upon a credible and unbiased source of local community news.

Our long industry experience, quality journalism, attention to the product and care for the community, enables us to publish the most up-to-date and relevant information for local Lower Great Lakes people.

There is so much value in using the Myall Coast News as part of your businesses annual marketing strategy and plan. The population of the Lower Great Lakes region is around 10,000 according to the 2011 census and we have more ‘eyeballs’ on us on a weekly basis than ever. You advertise with Myall Coast News and you get ALL platforms.  That’s right, not just the advertisement within the (more popular than ever) newspaper, but as part of the price you get… PLUS – Our advertisers receive their BUSINESS advertised for FREE on the very popular, fast growing, community interactive, Myall Coast News Facebook page. Have a look if you havent already. PLUS… Our regular customers receive some HUGE FREE BENEFITS on the Myall Coast News Website (News Online). These include, FREE PREMIUM DISPLAY business listing. AND you’ll be listed as a “Myall Coast News FAVORITE” business to deal with.

Your marketing and advertising dollar goes much much further with Myall Coast News.


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