Pacific Palms Public School in training for Fun Run

The students are in training mode at as they are preparing for a Fun Run on Friday 18 September.Pacific Palms Public School2

The Fun Run has been organised through the adidas School Fun Run program and will be run in conjunction with a week dedicated to fitness and eating healthy.

The adidas Fun Run organises online fundraising and Pacific Palms Public School will receive 60% of money raised towards purchasing new sports/PE equipment for the school.Pacific Palms Public School4

The other 30% goes towards prizes for the kids who participate, as an incentive and 10% goes towards administration.

Lani Williams is the organising teacher of the Fun Run and is excited to be organising a sport themed day with students coming to school in sports gear and lessons being prepared around sport and health.Pacific Palms Public School3d the students will set their own goals and run for up to 45 minutes.

Lani Williams spoke to Myall Coast News about the aim of the day.

“I’m pushing for the fun side of sport and to get everyone participating.”

“It is a great way to raise money for sporting gear by participating in sporting activities,” she said.Pacific Palms Public School

Pacific Palms Public School would love to have community support and sponsorship for the school can be made at:​

Local businesses in the area have already donated food items for consumption on the day.Pacific Palms Public School5

Individual students have also had their own web pages for online fundraising developed through the adidas School Fun Run site.

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