Nabiac projects completed by Great Lakes Council

Great Lakes Council work crews, along with community groups, have been busy working on several projects in Nabiac in recent months and will be continuing or commencing new work in 2016.

Nabiac Council works done

Nabiac Council works done

There are a number of improvements in the area of the Nabiac Oval and pool.

“In a partnership project involving the local community, Council and a Work for the Dole scheme, bollards have been installed around the perimeter of the oval to replace the ageing fence which had failed in several locations” said Council’s Parks and Recreation Manager, Mr Andrew Staniland.

“Camphor laurel trees have been removed from several locations in the village and tree guards are being installed around the oval in preparation for new trees to be planted in 2016” said Mr Staniland.

In the area of the Nabiac Pool landscaping has been completed and new picnic shelters will be installed. Walking tracks linking the pool, skate park and Memorial Park have been built. In 2016 the wet play area at the pool is expected to be operational, after soft-fall surfacing has been applied.

“These improvements have greatly enhanced outdoor recreational facilities in Nabiac which have been developed in partnership with the community.  We are pleased to see the community enjoying the new facilities and value the partnerships which have led to the undertaking of these projects” said Mr Staniland.

Two road work projects have also just been completed by Council staff.

“Hoskins Street has been reconstructed between Clarkson and Farnell Streets” said Mr Ron Hartley, Council’s Director of Engineering Services.  “This street was in poor condition requiring reconstruction.”

An asphalt surfacing on Hoskins Street will be placed during January.

“We’ve also constructed and bitumen sealed Cowper Street, a street which was previously a gravel road.”

“Work was undertaken on both projects in a short timeframe during favorable weather conditions” said Council’s Operations Manager, Mr Robert Fish.

Following a recent funding announcement by the Department of Primary Industries Lands, Council will be undertaking a major project in 2016 to relocate water and electricity services and install them in accordance with relevant standards at the Nabiac Showground. This grant funding is being received through the Crown Public Reserves Management Fund.

“The work to install the new services is expected to commence in March” said Mr Hartley.

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