Letter to Editor from Timothy Grant at Bundabah

Letter to the editor:

Dear Nota,

Darren from Hawks Nest Mowing Service, with his  offsider Warren,  was out in Bundabah on Saturday afternoon helping to clear some of the debris that remained after the storm the other week.

With a chainsaw and Kanga Mini-Loader in tow, both were tackling the job with enthusiasm when I approached.

“At the suggestion of a resident, we’re getting rid of some of the big stuff,” Darren said.

He went on to say how they had also been clearing some other areas, notably a big tree that had fallen across the road leading to Pier Point and some trees on the property of another local.

Andrew from Great Lakes Council explained more of how they are dealing with the clean-up.

Timothy Grant

Timothy Grant

“We’ve been busy working our way round the area,” he said, “ticking off each one as we go.”

Pindimar, Tea Gardens, Bundabah- they all got a mention, and it seems as though things are expected to be under wraps by sometime next week!


Timothy Grant, Bundabah

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