Karuah RSL take Courtesy Bus to Tea Gardens

Karuah & District RSL has recently recognised a major spike in club memberships with 2,800 members and a growing response of people from north of the bridge.

Ross Parr Karuah RSL and Courtesy Bus

Ross Parr Karuah RSL and Courtesy Bus

There has been a large response from Tea Gardens in particular among one of the surrounding districts taking a keen interest in the many raffles and promotions that the club host, with a meat and seafood raffle being held on a Friday night.

Tickets go on sale from 5.30pm with almost $1,000 worth of prizes being drawn at 6.30pm.

Each Sunday another major meat raffle is held with tickets going on sale from 11.30am with almost $1,200 worth of prizes being drawn at 12.30pm.

RSL Club Secretary Manager Ross Parr told Myall Coast News, “We have recently purchased a new courtesy bus seating 12 people, which means we now run three courtesy buses, two buses seating 12 and the other seating 8.”

“Due to the large response, courtesy buses will now be running to and from Tea Gardens on a Friday evening from 5pm, and Sunday from Midday doing pick ups all along Myall Street and returning patrons throughout the night or afternoon,” he said.

Karuah & District RSL Club may later look to extend their courtesy bus service to the Raymond Terrace area, but intend to concentrate on their Tea Gardens members for the moment.

The Club has also employed two local men, Mark Woolard and Peter Barry, both from Tea Gardens, to drive the buses.

The courtesy buses will take children above four years of age, as they can be equipped with booster seats. Anyone wishing to use the service will need to book ahead with a preferred location along Myall Street calling 49975297, also informing staff if they require booster seats.

This courtesy bus service may extend to Saturday nights in the near future, but that will depend upon how many patrons from Tea Gardens continue to use the service.

“Its a big thing for Karuah as we come out of a large area, and we don’t want anybody getting charged for drink driving as that is always a major issue in small towns and there is no need for it as we are more than happy to bring people to our club free of charge.”

“The safety of our patrons and the community is always a major focus for us,” Ross Parr said.

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