Insurance companies giving the storm run-around?

Letter to the Editor from A.Blanchard at Karuah:

“Following the April storms, many of us had damage to our properties.

Although the world has moved on since then, why are insurance companies still giving many of us the run around and not paying out on our legitimate claims?

We pay our premiums for years, and then get stood over and pressured while they pick and choose and don’t cover our losses.

You think you’ll change to another insurance company, then find that they’re mainly owned by only two companies: I.A.G. or Suncorp, with a few others picking up the crumbs.

Apparently it can take up to two years for the insurance ombudsman to sort out a case.

I have heard of elderly neighbours living in one room of their house, after a tree smashed the roof, and water coming when it rains!

We have lost many sheds, some of which were used for storing items covered by insurance and have a leaking roof, causing mould in our home.

Although insured with a new for old policy, they still won’t pay out the value of our losses.

Our yard is still like a bombsite as we can’t do anything until this is settled.

As a Disability support pensioner I have had enough of this Bull****!!”

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