Zumba is growing within the Tea Gardens community

Zumba Instructor from Tea Gardens, Christine Carter describes Zumba as ‘exercise in disguise.’

Tea Gardens Zumba

Tea Gardens Zumba

“People have so much fun at my classes, they don’t realise they’re working out, until they wake up sore the next day,” Christine joked to Myall Coast News Of The Area.

Christine has been practicing Zumba for four years, and teaching for three.

Her classes at the Uniting Church in Tea Gardens are held in the outside hall on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5.30pm.

On 29 February she will also start a Monday class for parents from 10am and kids are welcome.

“I started practicing Zumba when I had two young children.”

“It is so hard to find time to exercise when you have to juggle the kids, but I was lucky to find a class where kids were welcome.”

“I wanted to create something that gave other mothers that same opportunity.”

Christine’s studio has a kids’ corner where kids can sit and do their homework or colouring while Mum works out. Or the kids can even join in for a wiggle.

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Kids can participate for free, and adults can work out for the very low price of $8 a session.

And, weather is no excuse – if it’s hot or cold, the hall has air conditioning.

Christine also works with Jan Walker who does Zumba Gold at the Grange, a low impact class targeted towards the elderly or those with limited movements.

For more information please contact Jan on 0411 433 181 or Christine on 0422 285 277.


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