Wallis Lake Estuary & Catchment Draft Management Plan is on exhibition

DO you visit the Wallis Lake Catchment? Does your business depend on a healthy estuary? Do you like to fish, swim or kayak around Wallis Lake?

Great Lakes Council is seeking your views on the Draft Wallis Lake Estuary and Catchment Management Plan which is on public exhibition from Wednesday 23 July until Wednesday 20 August.

The Draft Management Plan will guide the conservation, protection and uses of the Lake, its estuary and catchment area in the future.

Wallis Lake Plan onexhibition

Wallis Estuary

Council’s Environmental Projects Officer Mr Drew Morris notes that, “It’s been almost ten years since the development of individual management plans for the Wallis Lake estuary and catchment, so we’ve completed a review to update these plans in relation to the work that Council, the community and other agencies have undertaken in the area over this time.

“The new plan includes agreed actions to ensure that the beauty of the area, its biodiversity, economic values for businesses and lifestyle opportunities will continue to be preserved,” said Mr Morris.
Council is now asking anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to comment on the new Draft Plan to provide their feedback.

From Wednesday 23 July, the Plan can be accessed via Council’s website, or else hard copies are available at both the Forster Library and Council Administration building.

Written submissions or comments will be accepted via email to [email protected] or post to PO Box 450 Forster NSW 2428 until close of business on Wednesday 20 August.

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