Let’s Ride Program introduced in Great Lakes

 There will be a new cycling program for children launching in the Great Lakes this autumn after a Cycling Australia report revealed that parents spend 50% less time teaching safety on two wheels verses time in the water.  

Nick Green, CEO of Cycling Australia pleased about the Great Lakes launch

The Let’s Ride program, specifically designed to teach children how to ride safely is being offered to primary schools in the Great Lakes after three in four Australian parents admitted that they think their child is more at risk on a bike today than they were 20-years ago.

Cycling Australia CEO, Nick Green said, “With children receiving 50% less time when learning to ride than when learning to swim, it’s understandable that parents are concerned with the safety of their children out on their bikes.”

Mr Green said, “Let’s Ride will help to educate our young people so they can enjoy being active and cycling with their friends safely – whilst giving parents peace of mind.”

The new Omnipoll report commissioned by Cycling Australia revealed that despite 95% of Australian parents agreeing that it is important their child can ride a bike safely, one in two Aussie parents intend to spend less than 15 hours teaching their children how to ride a bike. 

Let’s Ride will teach 8-12 year old, Great Lakes children about bike control, bike safety and situational awareness all in a fun and relaxed environment – helping to give parents peace of mind. 

It’s hoped the program will be expanded across the Great Lakes as schools are encouraged to sign up to host the six week course. 

The Great Lakes Let’s Ride facilitator, Paul Nixon said, “Learning how to ride a bike is a big part of every Australian’s childhood.  The findings of today’s survey really highlight why more time needs to be spent teaching our children how to ride safely.” 

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“Each program, run by Cycling Australia qualified instructors, is a six week course held in schools and other community settings.  Families and participants also receive a progression tracker and at-home skills and worksheets to continue the learning at home,” he said.

For more information visit letsride.com.au

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