Veterans Day, Tea Gardens RSL Sub Branch

Tea Gardens RSL Sub Branch invites you to attend their Veterans Day and commemoration of the Gun on Sunday 18 August at 11.00am at ANZAC Park Tea Gardens.

Ray Prigg

Ray Prigg

Vietnam Veterans Day is remembered on 18 August every year and gives us time to reflect on those soldiers who served our country in all conflicts and did not come home.

Secretary of the Sub Branch, Ray Prigg said, “We live still in times of conflict and see young men returning home after serving their country with the invisible wounds.”

“Just as we in the past felt alienated and without support, we urge these people to make contact with their local RSL Sub Branch, where they will be welcomed with open arms by a group of people with shared experiences and knowledge to help them through the tough times.”

“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury affect those who have returned from active combat service and these wounds haunt them and their families every day.”

On the day members of Karuah Sub Branch will be attending in support of the commemorations and to give a ‘quiet moment of thanks’ to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

In a timely reminder of the horrors of war, 14 August marks seventy years since the end of World War Two, which came just days after the deployment of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

On Friday August 14 members of the Tea Gardens Sub Branch will visit Peter Sinclair Gardens where they will meet with several Diggers in care there.

After a lunch there will be an afternoon of reflection and discussion on what those men went through and how it has affected their lives since.

All are invited to attend ANZAC Park on Sunday 18 August and the Sub Branch looks forward to greeting you on a day for reflection.

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