Australia’s Deadly and Dangerous on feature at Australian Reptile Park

Australia is renowned to have some of the most deadly and dangerous animals in the world.

Tim Faulkner from the Australian Reptile Park with a venomous Komodo Dragon

To fulfill the ever curious mindset of visitors, Australia Reptile Park will feature Deadly & Dangerous Live on Stage at the park in the April school holidays (9 to 25 April), educating guests on Australia’s most venomous creatures.

Learn about the Inland Taipan, the most venomous snake in the world, and its deadly relatives the Eastern Brown Snake, Tiger Snake and Death Adder.

See on display laboratory props, which are usually only visible behind the scenes when used for milking deadly snakes as part of the Reptile Park’s venom program.

Head keepers will present a ranking of each animal’s deadly rating, which is not only limited to snakes.

Lizards will also play a part, with the largest venomous animal on earth, the Komodo Dragon featured in the show series, along with the highly venomous Gila Monster Lizard.

Selected spiders will also be a part of the Deadly & Dangerous Live on Stage show series, as keepers demonstrate how to react if bitten by the highly venomous Funnel-Web or Redback spider, commonly found in Australia.

Kids curious about Australia’s most Deadly & Dangerous animals can join one of the many the Kids to Keeper programs including a Deadly & Dangerous series especially timed for the school holidays.

Kids programs provide exclusive behind-the-scenes access and greater insight into being a zoo keeper at Australian Reptile Park.  Set dates and age groups apply, with full details on-line at  Additionally, families can book a private Animal Encounter with the option of deadly & dangerous or cute and cuddly.

Complementing Australian Reptile Park’s Deadly & Dangerous Live on Stage show series, regular park hero experiences will continue throughout the April School Holidays including daily feeding of Elvis, Australia’s crankiest crocodile, a Reptile show, Tasmanian Devil show, the walking of Hugo a giant Galapagos Tortoise, Dingo and Koala Talks, plus roving keepers introducing a variety of animals to guests out in the park amongst free roaming kangaroos and emus.

Australian Reptile Park is open daily from 9am ‘til 5pm, located at Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales, 1 hour from Sydney on-route to Port Stephens with complimentary parking and BBQ facilities.

School holiday programs and ticketing prices can be found on-line at

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