Tea Gardens Maritime Tony Woodfield says safe boating

The Myall Lakes and Port Stephens water ways will be busier than ever this Christmas Holiday period with some excellent forecasts being boasted for boating enthusiasts.

Tony Woodfield and Cohen Callaghan-Morante.

Tony Woodfield and Cohen Callaghan-Morante.

Despite several warnings during the year in less than favourable weather conditions, some people have chosen to ignore the warnings and have still headed out into the blue wonder and found themselves in trouble, and later discovering they have not had enough equipment or the wrong equipment to help them get out of trouble.

Speaking with Tea Gardens Maritime NSW Officer Mr Tony Woodfield, he told Myall Coast News, “We want everyone to enjoy the water ways in the area. There are rules set in place so that can be made possible but of course some people choose to ignore the rules and that’s where we come in and enforce the rules”.

“Education is a key element of our services, but if I warn a boating enthusiast not to do something and I see them later doing it, they’ll cop a fine for it, no questions asked,” he said.

There will be several key Operational Activities undertaken this holiday period by Maritime NSW. Last weekend there was an operation called ‘Operation Boat Safe: Lifejackets, Don’t Risk Your Life’, which ran Statewide on the use of LifeJackets which is compulsory for all water craft more than 100m off shore.

Other areas of interest over the holiday period will include random breath tests in conjunction with the NSW Police, including checks on all safety equipment you are required to have on board a boat. If you are unsure please check out what you are supposed to have before being pulled over on the water making a great day potentially turn into a bad one.

The Tea Gardens Maritime NSW Office is located next to the Seafood Co-Op in Marine Drive, and is open Fridays only from 9am to midday for any queries.

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