Pharmacies have the option to discount the patient contribution on prescriptions

medications now cheaperFor those on pensions and dependent on concessions, these days every dollar saved really does count.

The struggle is often worsened when a constant reliability of prescription medications are also required, and with some costs having increased over the years, the news that some medications will be available cheaper from the first of March is certainly welcoming to many people.

The Australian Government now allows pharmacies the option to discount the patient contribution on prescriptions, which is subsidised by Medicare.

Speaking with News Of The Area, Graeme Hackworthy from Myall Pharmacy in Hawks Nest said, “While it is at each Chemists discretion whether to pass on the discount offered, Myall Pharmacy are more than happy to be able to pass on the maximum discount on generic brands of medication.”

“The changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for 2016 allows us to purchase generic brands at much better prices, of which we are happy to pass that discount onto our customers,” he said.

Hawks Nest First National

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Medications included in the discount scheme will include all Alphapharm and Apotex products.

Mr Hackworthy said, “The safety net threshold rates for the 2016 PBS for general patients is $1475, while Concessional patients it is $372. The new PBS is quite flexible for each patients requirements, and offers the patient the choice of opting out of the discount to avoid delay in reaching the safety net for 2016.”


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