School musical for Bulahdelah Central

The annual school musical is being performed on 13-15 October at Bulahdelah Central School and a lot of hours of rehearsing, painting and singing has been going on leading up to the event.

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The musical – Pitch Perfect – is about two acappella groups, one female and the other male,  competing at a local college.

There is a mixture of egotistical and classic characters and involves a lot of singing and dancing.

There are also two hosts who add a satirical element and introduce the singing groups and motivate the audience.

The musical is directed by the Year 11 and Year 10 Drama students under the guidance of Mrs. Vanessa Shultz.

Myall Coast News spoke to the directors of the show, Chloe Shultz and McKelty Searle.

“It was difficult at first to motivate everyone because we had a lot of lunchtime and after school rehearsals which was tiring.

“But doing a musical is fun because we are now like a big family; we have grown quite close through the experience.”

Sarah Rooney plays the main character from the girls’ singing group and explains that the tension that exists in the storyline is that one girl wants to sing classical music but there is another character who wants change and more contemporary music.

Kyle Shultz is the main character from the boy’s singing group and concentrates on delivering a lot of dialogue.

There is also Tate Bruinsma who plays a character who is obsessed about Star Wars and dresses accordingly.

The musical is based on an American film but it has been produced to have its own unique Bulahdelah flavour.

Mrs. Vanessa Shultz explained,

“There are many references made to places like Girvan and Karuah, to name a few, and people who are well known in the area.

“There have been characters who have been blended and changed to make this musical special to Bulahdelah Central School.”

The students have been practicing for two afternoons a week and two lunchtimes a week for Terms 2 and 3 and this is the first time that the school will be performing a musical for three nights in a row.

Members of the public are encouraged and welcome to come along and see the local children perform this highly energetic performance.

Tickets are available at the door at Bulahdelah Central School for the evening performances: 4997 4329.

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