Roos League side make Karuah proud with a win

Last Saturday saw the Karuah Roo’s Rugby League side travel to Hexham to replay the ‘Grand Final’ game against the Williamtown Jets.Karuah Roos

It was more of a mud wrestling match than a footy game.

The Jets were the first to put points on the board 6/0.

But it wasn’t long before Joshua Page went over for the Roo’s making it 6/4 Jets way.

There was some massive hits from Alex Simon, Mitchell Napier, Ben Langdon, Dwayne Fleming Dylan Foley, Tyson Stamp and Tama Riordan. With Timmy Johnson tackling anything that moved.

Good runs by Aden Callaghan, Mitchell O’Bryan and Ben Langdon.

Before half time Zac Cobb scored for the Roo’s putting the Roo’s in front 8/6 at half time.Karuah Roos1

The second half saw some good runs by Mitchell Napier, Jack Croese, Luke Perry, Aden Callaghan, Ben Langdon and Tama Riordan and Timmy Johnson.

Big hits by Trent Saunders and Alex Simon again not letting them get away with to much room to run.

Trent Saunders scored the third try for the Roo’s which was converted by Sam Croese taking the Roo’s to 14/6.

But near the end off the second half the Jets went in again but the Roo’s were to good in their defence to hold the Jets out.

The Final score was Karuah Roo’s 14 Williamtown Jets 10.

Players player 3 points when to Mitchell Napier, 2 to Alex Simon and 1 to Jack Croese. Coaches Award went to Tyson Stamp and The Man on the Hill went to Timmy Johnson.

Next week sees the Roos at Home against Morisset kick off 2pm with game day sponsor being Cole Brothers Oysters.

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