Red Cross Breakfast Club at work in Karuah

Karuah Public School students are noticeably more settled in the mornings and have been performing better thanks to local parents and volunteers conducting the Red Cross Breakfast Club providing students with breakfast from Monday through to Thursday mornings.

Dave Benson and Ken Smee.

Dave Benson and Ken Smee.Red Cr

Volunteer Dave Benson told Myall Coast News, “Julie Smee is the greatly appreciated coordinator behind the organisation of the Breakfast Club which has been running for about the past four years, originally sponsored by the Red Cross and Karuah Strong until times of trouble arose for the Karuah Strong organisation, then Karuah RSL kindly took over to sponsor the program and donate cereal milk, fruit and bread.”

The breakfast is aimed at ensuring students have had breakfast each morning so they are more focused in class and take in much more information for their own learning benefits, and has proven to be working great.

The school as also adopted an afternoon recess so students can get that much needed intake of fruit early in the afternoon.

Volunteer Ken Smee added, “Although we have around fifty students that regularly take up the opportunity, the breakfast is available to all students, some days we also have banana smoothies and that sort of thing when we get an extra volunteer in.”

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