Port Stephens State Election Candidates have their say

The State elections are just around the corner with Myall Coast residents to take to the voting polls on Saturday 28 March. Here are your Port Stephens State Candidates.

See what they say below, but VOTE in the POLL first and VIEW the results according to the Port Stephens electorate/people

Port Stephens State Candidates


Kate Washington, Labor, Port Stephens:

Kate Washington, Port Stephens State Candidate

Kate Washington

IF I’m elected, my first priority will be to ensure that the dredging of the Myall River shortcut gets underway.

This is a pressing community need.

I will also work with the community and relevant government departments to try and simplify the process so that the future management of the waterway, is not burdened by bureaucratic delays.

My fundamental commitment to the people of Port Stephens, is that I will always be accessible, open and

honest; l will always put the

interests of our community


Rochelle Flood, Greens, Port Stephens:

Rochelle Flood, Port Stephens Greens Candidate

Rochelle Flood

THERE are a range of things I would work to deliver in the Myall Coast region.

We need to improve water quality, dredge the Myall River, and ensure that any development is sustainable.

But my priority, if you were to elect me as your representative, would be a change to the system of community consultation.

Conversations I’ve had with residents have made me realise just how widespread the discontent is with the lack of community consultation in this region.

By voting Green on March 28, you would ensure that our team in Parliament was in a position to change the system, so that your concerns as residents could be heard.

If elected, I would take those concerns to Parliament so that we could start to see real change and improvement in the beautiful Myall Coast region.


Ken Jordon, Liberal, Port Stephens:

Ken Jordan, Port Stephens State Candidate

Ken Jordan

A NAVIGABLE channel through the eastern channel of the Myall River into Port Stephens is critical for environmental and tourist reasons and Jimmys Beach must have a sand replenishment program.
This is a key part of my action plan for the electorate, to find a long term solution to these important issues.





Peter Arena, Christian Democrat, Port Stephens:

Peter Arena

Peter Arena

THIS is my first time being involved in this and I’m yet to delve into the issues up further north.

Honesty is where I’m at.
I’m standing because I really want to deal with the corruption in higher places.

If people vote for me number one – my votes go to Fred Nile and Paul Green.
I’ve got a strong relationship with Reverend Fred Nile.

Reverend Nile has often been called the ‘watchdog of parliament’ and, as we know of late, there have been so many allegations of corruption on both sides of parliament.
I want to be the watchman for Port Stephens.


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