New solicitor at Stroud, Donna Kremmer

Donaa Kremmer is a local solicitor who has recently opened her new independent legal business in Cowper Street Stroud.

Donna Kremmer Stroud

Donna Kremmer

Ms Kremmer also covers the Great Lakes and Port Stephens areas where potential clients sometimes have to travel for legal services.

Ms Kremmer told Myall Coast News, “I have had twenty plus years experience in family law matters covering everything from divorce, property, children, maintence, you name it.”

“In the last five to ten years I’ve done a lot more work with the elderly, such as, health issues, guardianship, wills and estate work.”

Kremmer Legal is an independent business and even though Ms Kremmer has help on hand if needed, all the running of the business will be done by herself.

“I have no trouble with travelling and would like to focus on making personal visits to those who can’t get out from home or are located in retirement villages or homes.”

“My main reason for going independent here in Stroud was to have a low key business and maintain the ability to better connect with my clients, which gives me much more professional satisfaction,” Ms Kremmer said.


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