New Online Jury Management System

PEOPLE called for jury service in Myall Lakes are reaping the benefits of a new $4.2 million online management system that is bringing the jury process into the 21st Century, said Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead.Myall Lakes jury notice

The new online jury management system replaces a 20-year-old system that was cumbersome, paper-bound and slow.
“The new system makes it simpler, faster and easier for people to be processed when they attend court for jury service,” Mr Bromhead said.

“When jurors arrive at court, they will be able to check in electronically and receive a juror card, which is similar to an airport boarding pass.

“Prospective jurors now have their own secure online profile where they update their contact and banking details, apply to be excused or opt in for text and email notifications including court attendance reminders.

“The new system also makes it easier for people called for jury service at Taree Court to plan ahead.

“Prospective jurors will be able to nominate two periods of up to two weeks where they can’t sit on a jury, which will come in handy if they have booked a holiday or a medical appointment.

“The new jury management system has more than halved jury registration processing times at many courts.

“Time is precious and the efficiency of the new jury management system is good news,” Mr Bromhead said.

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