Nabiac beekeeper Anna Campbell, popular within the industry

In a recent interview conducted by ABC Rual, Anna Campbell, from Nabiac, was selected, one of three within Australia, to discuss how to help create a better industry for beekeeping.Nabiac beekeeper


Myall Coast News caught up with Ann to ask how she felt about being selected for the interview plus a few other things around beekeeping.anna fran ellie

Ms Campbell said, “It was fab to be included in such esteemed company, including Beechworth Honey who have a great history of supporting Australian beekeepers and not using imported honey.”

The long time Apiarist said, “I’ve been beekeeping for nearly 10 years now with Italian honey bees, and 6 years with Australian native bees.

“I have been very lucky to have some great mentors and experts helping along the way including the late Rod Blatch from Coastal Gold Honey in the Great Lakes, Mark Page from Valley Industries, third generation beekeeper Daryl Brenton and Dr Tim Heard (native bees),” Anna told Myall Coast News.

On Anna’s farm she has a range of been including Italian, stingless Australian (Tetragonula carbonaria), plus solitary bees such as blue-banded, teddy bear, reed, resin and carpenter bees.

Anna said that their farm bees mostly bring in Coastal Grey Ironbark, Tea Tree, Clover and mixed farm blossoms.

“Working with t Daryl Brenton also gives our customers access to floral honeys that aren’t on the coast, such as great Applebox and Yellowbox,” she said.

Pesticides are a huge issue for bees, as are invading critters such as the small hive beetle which is very prevalent on the coast.Nabiac Beekeeping

The threat of varroa mite reaching Australia is also a huge biosecurity concern so beekeepers have to be very active in their hive management.

“We really need good beekeepers in the industry,” Anna said.

For those interested in seeing or contacting Anna’s farm they are amazing with what they do.

“We use solar ovens at the farm to melt and filter the beeswax that we then use to make organic balms and candles. We also do creative things with our honey including a very addictive Habanero Honey and vanilla-infused too, honey dijon mustard and more,” she said.

People can go on farm tours to see the native bees and learn about the different species as well as join us for honey tastings.

For more information contact Anna at Honeycomb Valley Farm on 6554 1460 or email [email protected]

The Farm is located just off the Pacific Highway at Nabiac.

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