Myall Lakes State independent candidate Steve Attkins says he’ll be running in upcoming elections

Last week Steve Attkins announced that he is running in the March state election for the Myall Lakes seat.

Steve Attkins

Steve Attkins

“I’m Steve Attkins, and I’m here to serve the people and not a political party,” said Mr Attkins.

As Economic Development Manager at the Manning Valley Business Chamber, a cattle farmer, and business owner of the Great Lakes Winery at Wootton, Steve has a strong background and a broad experience of getting things done in the region.

Mr Attkins is actively involved with the business chamber and says his role in delivering local projects has shown him how crucial it is to have this experience.

“Thank you to all those who have volunteered to help with my campaign. I really appreciate the grass roots efforts from people across the Great Lakes and Manning who have asked me to stand.

“So many have asked if I will be putting my hand up, and it has been great to have that interest and support.”

“People tell me how dissatisfied they are with the lack of funding over the years for things like health, roads and community projects.

“I believe it is time to change horses,” he said.

His time on the Manning Hospital Health Community Advisory Board and with several tourism groups has shown that support from the state member is vital to the region’s success.

“We have the same population as Port Macquarie, and we should be doing a lot better, given the attractive lifestyle and liveability we have in the Manning and Great Lakes.

“I think that we have been neglected because the Nationals think this is a safe seat,” Mr Attkins said.

Your voices will be heard and your calls will be answered.

Mr Attkins will stand as an Independent in the Saturday 28 March 2015 state elections.


  1. Joanna Ross says

    I would like to know your stand on the sale of Post and wires will be. Also what is your positiois on Gas Seam Gas should it be found in our area, and generally.

  2. Joanna Ross says

    I forgot to ask in my first e-mail where are you placing your preference, could you be so kind as to rely to this and my other questions. I am dissatisfied with both parties State and Federal.


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