Melanie Lee at Forster Library with her workshops

Forster Library had the privilege of hosting a workshop on Wednesday 8 July by Melanie Lee.

Melanie Lee with the children and their creations at her workshop at Forster Library.

Melanie Lee with the children and their creations at her workshop at Forster Library.

Melanie Lee is the author of “A Girl in the World” and co-founder of The Creative Kind.

Her workshops focus on encouraging children and adults to imagine, draw, write and create their own stories.

During the three hour workshop, Melanie Lee did not have the opportunity to read her picture book to those who attended as they were so involved with creating their own stories.

Melanie Lee has 30 years experience working with children and is now a local resident of the Bulahdelah area.

She began running her workshops three years ago and is especially interested in supporting the creativity of children.

She believes a safe space will allow the innate creativity inside of us all to come out and play.

Melanie is also interested in having discussions with teachers that encourage the focus on child-centred learning rather than standardized testing.

Inspired by Sir. Ken Robinson, an educator from the UK, who has written books and lectures about the shift from standardized schools to personalized learning.

Melanie Lee spoke with Myall Coast News and explained, “My job is not to teach but to learn from the children.

The Creative Kind workshops are all about allowing children and adults the space to create, there are no mistakes, there is no right or wrong.

There is no editing.

I foster a sense of freedom that comes out through their writing and creating.”

“A Girl in the World” is available through her website and will be available to buy from bookshops in September. “A Boy in The World” and “A Girl In The World Follows Her Dreams” are also available now.

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