Ken Jordan has been announced as the official State Liberal Candidate for Port Stephens

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Port Stephens councillor Ken Jordan has been selected as the Liberal Party candidate for the state seat of Port Stephens.

Ken Jordan Jodie Jordan and daughter Tayla Jordan

Ken Jordan with wife Jodie and daughter Tayla

It comes after he won a pre-selection ballot of 21 to 16 against Jaimie Abbott last Wednesday evening at Nelson Bay Bowling Club.

Cr Jordan, a teacher at All Saints College in Maitland, was the favourite to win the spot following the withdrawal of Port Stephens state member, Craig Baumann.

Mr Baumann announced his resignation last year as a result of an inquiry into alleged illegal donations.

The Member for Port Stephens admitted to the Independent Commission Against Corruption in Sydney that he had taken secret donations from development firm Buildev in 2007 and written sham invoices to cover up the payments.

Cr Jordan told Myall Coast News he would make a strong candidate because he has proved himself as a “hard working” councillor since 2004.

“There’s very few things I don’t attend or go to,” he said.

“If the people elect me, they’ll be electing someone that will listen, someone that will work hard and someone who already has a proven track record of doing it in their own community.”

Cr Jordan said while he still had more to learn about the area he has formed a connection through regularly holidaying near Mungo Brush and playing golf at Hawks Nest Golf Club.

“I’m planning to come up soon to do a door knock too and introduce myself,” he said.

Port Stephens state Labor candidate Kate Washington, said it was a great honour to have the trust and support of the local Labor party members.

Ms Washington said “I’m somewhat surprised that Ken Jordan has been successful in his bid to be the candidate given everything that was uncovered in ICAC last year.  It’s further evidence that the local Liberal party are completely out of touch with the community, thinking that they ought to be allowed to continue to operate as they have for so many years now.

“I’m determined to see the longstanding ties between developers and our elected representatives come to an end,” Ms Washington said.

The Greens have put forward 23-year-old actress and environmentalist Rochelle Flood as their candidate for Port Stephens.

“I’m standing as a candidate because I want the chance to protect what really matters; the chance to fight for a clean, safe environment, as well as accessible education, affordable housing and, above all, clean and transparent politics,” she told Myall Coast News.

Ms Flood recently graduated from the University of Newcastle, majoring in theatre, and has been actively involved in several community movements, including ‘Get-up!’ and Amnesty International.

The election will be conducted on 28 March.



Ken Jordan, current Port Stephens Councillor, has beaten Jamie Abbott in last nights Liberal Party preselection ballot for the state seat of Port Stephens.

The sectret ballot in deciding Ken Jordan victorious was made up of 38 Liberal Party branch  members and officers from the state executive.

Mr Jordan, a high school teacher, won the preselection in a vote on Wednesday night at Nelson Bay.

Currently there are now three candidate for the upcoming March 28 State election.

Kate Washington for the Labor Party, Rochelle Flood for the Greens and now Ken Jordan for the Liberal Party.

Current Port Stephens MP Craig Baumann has congratulated Port Stephens Councillor Ken Jordan on winning the Liberal Party preselection.

Mr Baumann announced late last year he would not contest the March 28th election due to the delay in ICAC handing down its findings until later this year.

“Ken Jordan has a proven track record as a hard working Port Stephens Councillor for 11 years and a valuable and contributing member to his community in many areas,” said Mr Baumann.

“He will be a fine candidate and I hope ultimately the local member in a Baird Government to continue the Government’s good work in providing improved infrastructure for this area such as the duplication of the Nelson Bay Road.

“Ken Jordan is a man of integrity and is truly passionate about this area. He was born and bred in Port Stephens and is now raising his own family here.

“Port Stephens deserves a member who will work hard, put the area first and be able to get Port Stephens its fair share in the Baird Government’s clear plan for the state.”

“The Liberal Party has certainly not taken this area for granted in the past and is not doing so now in putting up the finest candidate possible.”

Strict Liberal party rules forbid Mr Jordan from speaking to the media until the meeting is ratified by State Executive.

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