Karuah Public School new playground equipment

Principal of Karuah Public School Julie Hubbard said, “We are very grateful for the hard work of our P & C for recently providing the students with a ‘Spider Gym’ play and exercise system.”Karuah School Students

Due to the excellent fundraising and tireless work of the P & C, the school has been able to build the climbing system which has been met with overwhelming response from the students.

“We have had to instigate a one class daily roster due to the popularity of the equipment,” Julie added.

“Our Year Six star leaders assist the younger students with climbing while we have teachers supervising the equipment to ensure a safe and happy environment.”

Julie wished to thank the P & C for providing a valuable resource that helps the students in their overall enjoyment of being at school.

Great things can be achieved with foresight and hard work.

Congratulations to the Karuah Public School Parents and Citizens Group on achieving a wonderful outcome for the students now and in the future.

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