Karuah Disaster Relief Subcommittee

Karuah has pooled together individuals from its key organisations to form the Karuah Disaster Relief Subcommittee.

Peter Fidden from the Karuah RSL Sub Branch is the Co-ordinator and spoke with Myall Coast News about the initial meeting and the aim of the committee.

“At the initial meeting we obtained approval from the RSL that it would be a gathering point in times of emergency.

The donation of a siren has been received and this will be used to warn the residents of fire or flood.”

Since the initial meeting on 16 June an application to fund a Satellite phone was put in and now that phone has been ordered.

This is an important item to have because in the last natural disaster, communication was the main problem that stopped residents from receiving help.

In the April storms, the distribution of water was handed out at the Karuah RSL but there were many residents that did not know about this until later on.

Peter Fidden is very pleased to have representatives from across the community on the committee with him.

This includes Ken Smee, Deputy Co-ordinator from the Karuah RFS; Fred McInerrney, from the Progress and KWT; Ross Parr, Secretary/Manager from the RSL; John King, from the Karuah Hall Committee and Dave Feeney, from the Karuah Aboriginal Land Council.

The Subcommittee plan to meet bi-monthly and will produce a log book with the names of health workers and nurses who would be willing to donate their time in times of emergency and people who have equipment like generators.

“This Subcommittee has been formed to help the town out and is an example of Karuah working together,” said Peter Fidden.

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