Ice cream at Tea Gardens expected to be favourite this summer

Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shop is expecting a hot and icy summer.

Anne Rutter

Anne Rutter

We’ve  all done it. Wandered past particular shops and thought to ourselves, “Yep, I’ll head in there one day and see what the fuss is all about.”

I’m guilty of wondering what the fuss has been about in the Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shack on Marine Drive.

There was just always a stack of people on the outside and not one for crowds I thought I’d pick a quiet day to slip in and say G’day.

I’m still waiting for that quiet day but barged in anyway last week to say hello to manager Anne Rutter and her staff and was instantly giving myself an uppercut for not making the move earlier.

What a fantastically charismatic shop it is. Over 45 varieties of ice-creams, beautiful coffee and food that will make you hungry just by reading their simple yet delicious menu.

Volkswagen memorabilia is proudly displayed all over the shop which for me made my visit feel like the Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shack is truly a unique place to experience, and would urge anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to do so, call in and be wowed by the humour and energy Anne and her staff happily show to everyone who walks in.

Operating the Ice Cream Shack for six years, Ann and staff are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and is looking at employing up to 20 people as the rush hits home.

Oh and um,..give their Rum & Raisin Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone a nudge, it’s not too bad at all.


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