Hunter hoons hit roadblocks

Police have delivered another blow to illegal street-racing in the Hunter Valley by blocking off all known “hoon” hot spots in Newcastle.

Officers from the Newcastle City Local Area Command and the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command are conducting a joint crackdown against dangerous driving behaviour, such as street-racing and ‘burn outs,’ in the region.

As part of the blitz, named Operation Hammer, police last night joined Roads and Maritime Services and the Port of Newcastle in an unprecedented lock down of Kooragang Island, the Steel River Industrial Estate, Wharf Road at Nobbies Beach and a number of beach side car parks.

Newcastle City Local Area Commander, John Gralton, has delivered a clear message to the scores of “hoons” who converge on Newcastle on a regular basis.

“We will continue to deploy police to block access to the known street-racing strips and ‘burn out’ locations until these drivers realise they are not welcome here,” Superintendent Gralton warned.

“If we catch them breaking the law, they risk not only a substantial fine and possibly a criminal driving record, but potential de-registration of the vehicle.” He added.

“Many of these drivers are young so we are also looking for a helping hand from their parents who might be able to talk some common sense into them.
“We plan to let them know just what their children are up to, often in the family car.

“We are not targeting law-abiding car enthusiasts or those who want to showcase their pride and joys,” Superintendent Gralton added, “We’re targeting law breakers, those who engage in illegal and dangerous driving that could end up hurting themselves or others.”

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