Hazard Reduction Burn at South Pindimar

Planning is everything, and it made an excellent difference when Rural Fire Crews were finally able to perform a much needed Hazard Reduction Burn at South Pindimar on Saturday 10 October.

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Earlier in 2014 the Rural Fire Service conducted a burn at the Southern end of Cambage Street towards Clarke Street, and had planned to burn off the area at the corner of Cambage and Clarke Street shortly after. Due to the amount of wet weather received in the area, and a combination of unsuitable conditions the burn had to be delayed several times until last Saturday.

At 7am an excavator started clearing break lines which proved difficult with the soft and still damp soil conditions, which saw the excavator become bogged on more than one occasion.

By 9.30am most of the 30 volunteers from the Pindimar / Tea Gardens, Limeburners Creek and North Arm Cove R.F.S units had arrived with a total of six R.F.S vehicles on the ground ready to go.

With all the checks done the first flame was lit a little after 11am and was monitored closely by the crews.

Patch by patch of thick foliage, lantana and undergrowth soon succumbed to the travelling flames until all designated reduction areas had been burnt and brought under control.

The three units on scene started mopping up just after 4pm before a quick debrief prior to returning to their respective stations.

The area burnt has been a burden for many years, and was estimated that it had been up to 15 years since the last successful hazard reduction was able to take place due to weather of adverse conditions.

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