Great Lakes Council Rangers report on current state of behaviour

Patrolling the Hawks Nest and surrounding areas public places during the recent school holidays, Rangers and members from Great Lakes Council Regulatory Services Division reported that they were fairly pleased with the behaviour and actions by both locals and visitors to the area.


Martin Garnet

Speaking with Myall Coast News on Saturday 26 September, Mr Paul Crossan, Co-Ordinator of Regulatory Services with Great Lakes Council said, “Overwhelmingly it has been a very good holiday period as far as council compliance goes.”

“We have had some minor but usual instances to attend to, majorly that being dog and pet related issues, illegal and dangerous parking issues and other minor violations,” he said.

“Overall we are more than pleased with the actions of the local community and visitors alike. It hasn’t been a particularly busy holiday period for the region and also for the Regulatory Services team, probably partly being due to the recent wet weather,” he said.

Mr Crossan and Council Ranger Mr Martin Garnett were located inspecting regular parking issues in and around the Jimmys Beach and Winda Woppa areas, who also stated that patrols and compliance monitoring will increase as the warmer weather and the Christmas Holiday period approaches.

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