Curries and More fundraiser for Nepal auction and lucnheon

The fundraiser for Nepal at Curries and More on Sunday 17 May raised over $6,000 and donations are still being made.

Auction at Curries and More

The crowd at the auction

Amrit and Rachana and their team of Nepalese volunteers donated their time and all the food.

Curries and More hosted two sittings serving over 80 people throughout the day with their famous and delicious Thali, a sample

Nepalese taste plate, so popular that it will become a regular weekly dish on the menu.

The auction was well attended and nearly every item was sold.

Myall Coast News VIP guest Mayor Jan McWilliams

Myall Coast News VIP guest Mayor Jan McWilliams

Many thanks go to those who donated and bid on items.

Amrit and Rachana and our Nepalese community want to pass on their sincere thanks for everyone’s generosity.

Monies raised will go directly to projects in Nepal.

Amrit’s sister is a doctor working in some of the worst earthquake affected areas.

She will advise them once she is able to assess where the funds can be best placed.

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