Olivia Hurstfield helping son Levi with improving communication

Olivia and Levi Hurst

Olivia Hurstfield has stood up to be a voice and advocate for her seven year old son Levi, who is non-verbal and has trouble trying to communicate what he is thinking and feeling. In turn, Levi was understandably getting frustrated with not being able to get his point across. “Levi was born with Down Syndrome and… click for more

Karuah RSL taking on modern DNA approach to security

Ross Parr Karuah RSL

The criminal marking system is basically based on DNA forensic evidence to help police along with CCTV to track and convict criminals that have committed a break in or armed holdup on any premise fitted with the device. Karuah RSL Club manager Ross Parr, told Myall Coast News, “We are the first venue in Port… click for more

Karuah To Tahlee Walk

Karuah to Tahlee walk

The old Australian Agricultural Company Road from Karuah to Tahlee dates from around 1826 when the AA company was first established at Port Stephens north of Sydney. This site contains a copy of portion of the 1845 map drawn by Phillip Parker King showing the road following the same route it follows today with one small… click for more

Bluegrass Music on again at Karuah

Karuah Bluegrass Music Festival playing SiskinRiverHigh

The  Karuah Bluegrass Music Festival is in its seventh year on the 1st weekend in May at the beautiful Longworth Park. FRIDAY 1 May will kick off the beginning of the 7th Annual Lost Highway Karuah Bluegrass Festival with an open mic section for people arriving early at 1pm at Karuah BP Service Station, who will… click for more