Cancer Research Fundraiser at Boatshed Cafe Tea Gardens

AN inaugural ‘Pink High Tea’ fundraiser for Cancer Research was held on 15 July, at The Boatshed Café Tea Gardens, where people joined together to support this worthwhile cause whilst enjoying fabulous food, bubbles and laughter.

Clarrie Davison, owner of the Boatshed Café, and his great team including Amanda, James, Roxanne, Libby and Rokea worked together to make afternoon run smoothly.

Heather Davy and Lisa Hamilton (both from Dowling Real Estate)

Heather Davy and Lisa Hamilton

Whilst thanking everyone for their attendance and support, Clarrie, mentioned that the ‘Pink High Tea’ may become an annual event, something that we will all look forward to each year.

Myall Coast News contacted Heather Davy from Dowling Real Estate, to find out about the concept of the ‘Pink High Tea’ and she said, “When Amanda  approached us about coming on board for the Pink High Tea we didn’t hesitate in lending our support.

“Kim, Lisa and I are passionate about fundraising  for Cancer Research,” said Heather.
Each year the Dowling office undertakes to fundraise for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) for research into finding a cure for this insidious disease which affects 1 in 8 women, 15,270  a year which is approximately 42 women every day in Australia, as well as approximately  110 men  diagnosed each year.
The NBCF is a “not for profit organisation’ and do not receive government funding.
The afternoon  was a huge success, together with generous donations, with in excess of $3,500 raised with proceeds going to the National Breast Foundation for research in the hope that one day, our daughters, mothers, aunties, sisters, grandmothers will not be faced with the daunting prospect of cancer.
“A great big thank you to all who attended and to those of you who made donations,” Ms Davy said.
“Without your generous support, events like this would not happen.
“Watch this space!  Our next major fundraiser will be a Cocktail event in October,” Heather said.

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