Bulahdelah Swimming Club end of season results

Daylight savings is over until October, and so is the Bulahdelah Swimming Club for now.bulahdelah swimming club

Meredyth Rae from the Club said, “The weather is cooling and we’ve reached the end of another successful swimming season.”

“Many thanks to all the children who participated this year whose behaviour made our swim meets a pleasure for all,” she said.

Meredyth said the club could not operate without the support and encouragement of the tireless mums and dads who attend every week to help supervise and time races.

There were some fantastic improvements in times over the course of the season by the swimmers.

Improvement awards were as follows:

B Grade Girls 1st: Jordyn Watt and 2nd: Charlotte Rae.

B Grade Boys 1st: Brandon Watt.

C Grade Girls 1st: Amber Cunningham, 2nd: Heidi Buchanan, and 3rd: Holly Towers.

C Grade Boys 1st: Zac Watt.

D Grade Girls 1st: Olivia Smith and 2nd Taylah Smith.

D Grade Boys 1st: Zane Pringle.

E Grade Girls 1st: Maggie Cunich.

E Grade Boys 1st: Kurtis Barry, 2nd: Toby Barry and 3rd: Lucas Hertzler.

Age Championships were as follows:

Open Ladies 1st: Meredyth Rae and 2nd: Lyndall Hertzler.

16 yrs girls 1st:  Charlotte Rae.

15 yrs boys 1st: Brandon Watt.

13 yrs girls 1st: Jordyn Watt, 2nd: Heidi Buchanan and 3rd Holly Towers.

11 yrs girls 1st: Amber Cunningham.

11 yrs boys 1st: Zac Watt.

10 yrs girls 1st: Olivia Smith and 2nd: Maggie Cunich.

10 yrs boys 1st: Zane Pringle, 2nd: Kurtis Barry and 3rd: Toby Barry.

9 yrs boys 1st:Lucas Hertzler and 2nd: Cole Buchanan.

The overall Club Champions were Brandon Watt and Jordyn Watt.

The most improved went to Zac Watt and Amber Cunningham.

Myall Coast News would like to take the opportunity, on behalf of the club, to thank Meredyth Rae for her service as she has decided to ‘hang up the goggles’. She is retiring.

Meredyth has been club secretary and starter for the past 12 years, seeing her own 4 children and many others develop their swimming skills over the years.

Meredyth particularly wished to thank everyone involved in the club.

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