Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls Triples Championship

Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls news around the Women’s Triples competition.

Sheril Johnson at the Club Triples Championship

Sheril Johnson at the Club Triples Championship

TUESDAY August 25: The first round of the Club Triples Championship was played today.

Unfortunately, one team withdrew owing to ill health, giving Loretta Baker’s team a walkover.

There were two sides competing, with the team of Julie Kennedy, Wendy Brand, and Liz Kelly against the team of Bev Stephens, Lily Smith and Dale Winter. Dale’s team led early in the game and Liz’s side remained stuck on 3 for nine ends. During this time, Dale’s  team forged ahead to win the match with a final score of 19 – 10.

The other game was the team of Elke Jones, Chris Fossey and Lesley Kibble played the team of Kerry Faber, Lynne Green and Nola Jackson.

On the 6th end the score was tied at 6 all, then Nola’s team won the next five ends. Lesley’s side staged a comeback winning 5 of the last seven ends, but couldn’t catch the opposition. The final score was 18 – 13.

Good luck to all in the next round.

Social Bowls: There were 19 social players competing today.

Their games consisted of 2 games of triples and 1 game of fours, with Karen McPhie a swinger.

The winners with the lowest score were, Karen McPhie, Pauline Perry, Sandra Leisemann and Lorraine Harvey.

Thursday August 27: The second round of the Club Triples Championship took place today. There were four games played.

On rink one the team of Sheril Johnson, Carol Hayden and Robin Webster competed against Olive McKeown, Wendy Jones and Maynie Roberts.

The first half of this game looked like a runaway win for Maynie’s team with the score after nine ends being 11 – 2 in favour of Maynie.

Robin’s team staged a come-back winning the next seven ends.

After 18 ends the score was tied at 15 all. An extra end was played with Robin’s team winning the match 16 – 15. Exciting Stuff!

On rink two Bev Stephens, Lily Smith and Dale winter played against the team of Kerry Faber, Lynne Green and Nola Jackson.

Both of these teams had their “moments” But Nola and her team led from the start, and Dale’s team, hard as they tried, just couldn’t make it. The score was 19 – 13 to Nola;s team.  Well Played!

On rink three the teams competing were, Jeanette Emmett, Sandra Leisemann and Loretta Baker against The team of Karen McPhie, Pam Gilchrist and Verlie Gray.

Verle’s team led early  but an unfortunate drop of 6 shots on the fourth end saw Loretta’s team establish a handy lead of  10 – 3 by end seven.

Verlie’s side gradually crept forward and took a 4 on the seventeenth end to narrow the margin to one shot.

The last end went the way of Loretta’s side. The final score 15 – 13.

A close game in the end!

On rink four the opposing teams were Jill McBride, Jo Younghusband and Kathie Rimmer against the team of Pat Baker, Vicki Rankin and Lorraine Harvey.

Kathie’s team didn’t fire well on the day and Lorraine’s team had a convincing win with a score of 25 – 6.

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