Victoria Baumann speaks at the Myall Arts & Craft Centre

CLASSES at the Myall Community Arts and Crafts Centre are designed to untap every bodies hidden creative potential.

Myall Arts and Craft Centre host Victoria Baumann

Myall Community Arts and Crafts Centre President Sue Rappell, Victoria Baumann and Desley Voigt.

For five days a week you can learn a new craft or pursue the love of an old craft with the ultimate outcome being something you find beautiful because you “made it”.

At the September monthly meeting Victoria Baumann was invited to attend to speak with members on how she views creativity.

After a tour of the Centres facilities Victoria spoke about lifelong learning and the untapped potential in everyone.

She also spoke of the importance of perseverance and used Lord Mountbatten as an example.  Her own life reflects lifelong learning as she met its challenges and retrained in radiography and ultrasound.

Part of this retraining was doing another university degree which provided a role model for her sons. This was not her original plan but created a delightful outcome.

Those members present felt they had learnt something new from Victoria’s talk.

Consider unlocking your hidden potential by visiting the Centre which canbe found behind the Council offices on Myall Street or find out more on the web site

You are welcome to visit at any time both to see the Centre and visit the classes in operation.

More information can also be obtained at the Shop next to the Centre workrooms opened 7 days a week from 10am til 4pm.

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