Toogee Taekwondo has expanded from Karuah to Tea Gardens

Taekwondo has come to Tea Gardens with classes on offer for both children and adults.Toogee

Toogee Taekwondo which has been operating in Karuah since 2013 has now come further north.

“Master Robert Frost wanted to branch out up this way and there has been a good response here since we opened,” teacher Lisa Holden said.

The Korean martial art which combines combat and self-defense techniques is taught each Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Tea Gardens

Masonic Hall and each Tuesday and Thursday in the Karuah Community Centre.

“It’s about health, fitness and self-defense, building confidence and it’s a lot of fun,” Lisa said.

Bek Hinitt, Sarah Hinitt, Simon Aliendi and Lisa Holden

Bek Hinitt, Sarah Hinitt, Simon Aliendi and Lisa Holden

To join costs $100 which covers the cost of one month’s training and a uniform, the cost is then $60 per month.

“Once you join you can come to as many training sessions as you would like throughout the week,” Lisa said.

If more than one family member joins the costs are reduced.

As members progress they can move up to impressive tasks such as breaking boards and tiles.
Those interested in joining are welcome to come along on a training night to check it out or call Lisa on 0417 254 690.

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