The draw for the National Breast Cancer Foundation raffle

Myall Coast News attended the drawing of the annual Dowling Real Estate National Breast Cancer Foundation raffle.Heather Davy Kim Bright and Lisa Hamilton drawing the NBCF raffle.

As mentioned in a previous article, Heather Davy and Kim Bright are staunch supporters of the Foundation which receives no Government funding in its search for a cure for Breast Cancer.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and eight women die from breast cancer every day in Australia.

The great work of the Foundation has seen them set a major goal of Zero deaths from Breast Cancer by 2030.

The more community awareness and money raised keeps the research ongoing towards this goal.

This year’s raffle of a beautiful handmade quilt made and donated by June Davy had a second prize of a Fifty Dollar voucher at Ella’s Boutique donated by Janice Taylor.

Third place was a lovely Pearl Necklace from Vitamin Bead.

Sales of the raffle tickets saw a wonderful response from the community raising over Five Hundred Dollars for the Foundation.

Heather Davy said, “We would like to thank the community as a whole for supporting the raffle and helping to raise awareness of Breast Cancer in society as a major killer of women.”

Results of the raffle are: 1st Place Dawn Lawton, 2nd Place Neil Davy with Dawn Lawton also taking out third place.

“I would also like to thank Lisa Hamilton for working so hard to sell as many tickets. Lisa put in that bit extra which helped us reach such a great amount to donate to the Foundation.”

Many thanks to Heather, Kim and Lisa for helping to raise awareness of something that will affect nearly all of us or someone we know in our lifetime.

Let’s all work towards the Zero target and see women in our worldwide community live without fear of Breast Cancer.

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