Tea Gardens Public School, Opening of Parliament

The Twenty Sixth opening of Parliament was held on Wednesday 20 May at Tea Gardens Public School with Local State member Kate Washington and Deputy Mayor Councillor Len Roberts in attendance to oversee the ceremony.Kate Washington2

Attended by the whole student body and parents and friends the day was a further success in the School Parliament which has a rich history at the school dating back Twenty Six years and stemming from a school visit to Parliament.

The Parliament is elected by the students and gives them a voice in the school in areas of Building and Health, Pupil Welfare, Education, Environment, Sport, Transport and Special Events.

The Governor General position is traditionally held by the School Principal and this year, Mr Mark Clemson spoke of the processes and outcomes achieved by the ‘Senate’ and the year ahead.Kate Washington

“Being a member of our school Parliament is something younger students aspire to and is certainly valued by both the school and wider community,” Mr Clemson said.

“The Parliament offers an outstanding model of student participation, by providing opportunities for students to communicate ideas and opinions about school improvement and to be involved in the decision making process,’ said Mr Clemson.

As parliamentary advisor, Miss Liz Winney spoke of leadership and its beginnings, ”All of these wonderful people sitting before me have been selected by their peers to represent them here today.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for these young leaders to make a positive contribution to our school and to develop characteristics that will carry them throughout their lives,” Miss Winney added.

Kate Washington was extremely impressed with the overall running of the school parliament, stating “The behavior of the senate and proceedings is so much better than in the State Parliament, we really could take some notice from this, it would be a much more pleasant place.”

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