Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shack ‘tripadvisor’ recognition

Everyone in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest knew it, but now it’s official… The Ice Cream Shack has been recognised as a ‘must do’ on worldwide website ‘tripadvisor’.

Bec McAliney, Anne Rutter, Shannon Markham and Kaili Kitchen.

Bec McAliney, Anne Rutter, Shannon Markham and Kaili Kitchen.

Tea Gardens business owners Jim and Anne Rutter took over The Shack almost five years ago and haven’t looked back.

Anne’s infectious laugh and welcoming nature have started something nobody wants to see stop and the fun crew have a free reign making customers feel welcome through their individual humour and personalities.

Anne said, “At The Shack, you don’t have to be crazy to get a job here, we’ll train you.”

The Shack was awarded a 2015 Award for Excellence from tripadvisor which is an online website which uses customer reviews to give users an appraisal of places and businesses to go to and The Shack comes up trumps from all comers.

In her usual comedic way, Anne said, “We’re not a Hardware store but we sell nuts.”

Employing local people has been a passion of Anne and Jim and they have given a number of local young people a refreshing start in the hard world of retail.

The staff is like a family and you could be mistaken thinking they were all related as the fun just feeds between them giving customers a unique sweet tooth experience where everyone “Comes in a stranger, leaves a friend.”

On any day hot or cold The Shack is full of happy people and everyone loves the ice cream, lollies and coffee in a unique atmosphere that has become a real Tea Gardens experience unmatched anywhere.

Good one Anne and Jim keep up the good work and the world will be on the verandah.

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