Tea Gardens group head to Maitland theatre production

On Sunday 15th February 12 of our locals went to the Maitland Art Gallery to view the fabulous Archibold Art Exhibition.DSC09063

A 20 minute ‘guided tour’ to give us some insight into the amazing portraits served as a springboard into debates on likes and dislikes of various paintings and painters.

There were no arguments but it was very obvious the exhibition succeeded in touching the emotions of the viewers and isn’t art supposed to do that?

But what followed after we left the Art Gallery was truly an amazing experience.

We went ‘next door’ to the Maitland Repertory Society and saw one of the funniest plays in a very long time. An hilarious farce titled ‘Sex please, we’re sixty’.

With superb acting and great timing the cast had the audience virtually rolling in the aisle with laughter as the antics of Bud the Stud with the help of his female potency pills got in and out of situations that almost gave him the new title of ‘Bud the Dud!’

The virtuosity of the Maitland Repertory Society always amazes me; their next production will be a Greek Tragedy play performed by their ‘Reamus’ youth group and then followed by the old classic ‘Fanny by Gaslight’.

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