Tea Gardens Bushfire Shop opened by Steve Carmichael

A one stop shop for everything bushfire has opened in Tea Gardens Industrial Estate.    The brains behind the new shop is Deputy Group Captain of Tea Gardens Pindimar Rural Fire Service Brigade, Steve Carmichael.

Steve Carmichael Tea Gardens

Steve Carmichael

“Everything you need to protect your house against bushfires you can buy it here. I can co-ordinate it all,” he explained.
“It’s not been done before and I don’t know why.”
Mr Carmichael has designed a bushfire suppression system for houses called cloudburst,  which is for sale in his shop.
The sprinkler system which is installed in the gutter of the property throws water above and below the roof.

He tested his system last year on a shed in Pindimar. The shed, which had his system installed, remained unharmed during the fire.
As well as selling his own system, Mr Carmichael stocks ample fire fighting equipment including pumps, water tanks, hoses, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and slashing gear.
He can also organise domestic water pumps, lawn irrigation systems, spear points, lawn mowers and home bush fire assessments.
“Before people had to go far and wide but now it’s all here in Tea Gardens,” he said.
Mr Carmichael said it was important to keep businesses in town ‘dynamic’ so on top of everything bushfire he has also decided to stock home brewing supplies and locally made timber furniture.
“I know there’s a local group of brewing connoisseurs in the area. I’m also planning to have some home brews on tap here for people to taste,” he said.
The Bushfire Shop is located behind the nursery in Tea Gardens Industrial Estate.

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