Tea Gardens bridge and pelicans: Essential Energy will re-install spikes

RESIDENTS concerned about the pelicans roosting on the light posts along Singing Bridge will be relieved to hear Essential Energy will soon be resolving the issue.Tea Gardens bridge and the Pelicans

Essential Energy has informed Myall Coast News that they are currently working alongside Great Lakes Council to install bird deterring spikes on street lights running across the bridge.

The previous spikes were removed when the street lights were replaced in 2014.

A spokesperson for Essential Energy said the plastic spikes will be placed along the top of the street lights to prevent pelicans and other birds from being able to land on the lights.

“The spikes are specially designed to discourage the birds without causing them any injury,” she explained.

A date is still being confirmed for when the spikes can be installed as traffic control will be necessary to ensure the safe installation of the spikes by Essential Energy crews.

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