Solar lights for Hawks Nest Mall

Hawks Nest Mall upgrade has entered a new phase with the installation of solar lighting.

With these units now in operation, summer will be a great time for everyone to enjoy the outdoors well into the evening in a safe, inviting and subtly lit area.
DeGre Energy, a locally based company, supplies these units as well as many other stand-alone solar lighting systems.
Over the past few years DeGre director, Greg Mutton, has designed and supplied solar lighting systems to many parts of Australia and has noted that NSW seems to be the slowest state to embrace this technology.

Debbie and Greg Mutton from DeGre Energy.

Debbie and Greg Mutton from DeGre Energy.

Mr Mutton said, “It is very good to see our local council backing this general trend.
“It is probably not well known but Great Lakes Council area has a number of remote bus shelters that use solar lighting,” he said.
Additionally two test units have been installed on the Tea Gardens Jetty for a number of months.
The council is also considering other locations where solar lighting can be used.
Part of the responsibility of all councils is to lead in the implementation of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon pollution.
“Stand-alone solar lighting is a very effective way to achieve these goals,” Mr Mutton said.
“It is possible to reduce both running costs and pollution by planning developments using solar power for lighting our streets, parks, public amenities and car parks.,” Mr Mutton said.
There are many uses for stand-alone solar lighting..

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