Seek identification from anyone claiming to be an electricity employee

Essential Energy is encouraging customers to ask to see identification from anyone claiming to be an electricity employee or contractor.

Myall Coast News are not aware of any specifc related incidents, however it’s a reminder to all that seeking identification is very important before allowing anyone into your home, giving them information, or assisting in any way.

Regional Manager North Coast, Brendon Neyland, said all Essential Energy representatives carry company identification documents that include the person’s name and photograph which customers can request to view at any time.

“Seeking confirmation of someone’s identity provides customers’ with a level of comfort that they are dealing with someone authorised to do the job,” Brendon said.

“It also helps to avoid a situation where people posing as our employees attempt to gain unlawful access to customers’ homes or businesses.”

Essential Energy employees or contractors undertake a range of services at customers’ premises, including meter reading, tree trimming, powerline maintenance, supply disconnection and reconnection, and checks on hot water relays and installations.

“Customers can feel safe knowing all of our employees have company signage on their vehicles, wear uniforms and are able to produce identification on request,”

Brendon said. Essential Energy contractors are also required to clearly identify themselves, both on the telephone and in person, carrying employer identification with them at all times.

“We encourage customers to ask to see identification before allowing anyone to access their property. If the representative will not provide this, ask them to leave,” Brendon said.

“It is also worthwhile reporting any such incidents or suspicious activity to Essential Energy on 13 23 91 or the Police.”

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