Ruby Keys, Bulahdelah student, takes humanitarian approach

A drama excursion is held each February in Sydney and is run by the Humanities Department of Bulahdelah Central School.

Ruby Keys

Ruby Keys

Ruby Keys is a Year 11 student who has attended these Drama Excursions for a few years now.

But instead of just appreciating theatre and shows in Sydney, Ruby took time out to take food to homeless shelters and people on the streets this year.

Myall Coast News spoke to Ruby Keys about these actions.

“On previous years when I went on Drama Excursions I noticed homeless people so this year I decided to do something about it,” stated Ruby.

Ruby collected food from the Bulahdelah community for months before the Drama Excursion and even baked with her friends and went door knocking to collect as many food items as she could.

The donated items were given to Swag Ministers, a charity that had volunteers cook and prepare the food for the homeless.

Ruby spent time in Sydney talking to homeless people.

Ruby Keys

Ruby Keys on the streets

“I’ve always been a compassionate person,” Ruby said.

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