Myall River Walk 4 William Tyrrell, for the Great Lakes region

Following last week’s story on Where’s William, a reader has made contact with the NOTA to take up the challenge and help with an event.william tyrrell copy

Jenny George from Limeburners Creek has made contact with Bravehearts and registered an event to coincide with those taking place around the nation on September 12 at 10.30am.

Bravehearts is an organisation dedicated to the protection of children with a vision to make Australia the safest place in the world for children.

They have set up a register to validate and assist those taking up the challenge for various child protection related events in Australia.

Jenny called the NOTA to say, “I have followed the disappearance of William Tyrrell and he has a place in my heart.”

“I can only imagine the pain felt by his parents and family and when I heard about the opportunity to get involved I just knew I had to get on board.”

“As a community we need to show that little William is not forgotten and we all just want him home.”

To get involved, go online to facebook and search the event ‘Myall River Walk 4 William Tyrrell’ where Jenny has set up an event with all details.

The walk will take place on Saturday September 12 at 10.30 am starting at the Community Slipway on Marine Drive and heading down to the Oyster Hut and returning to the Slip.

Jenny can be contacted on 0457 652 062 and we would encourage everyone to get on board and help maintain awareness of the disappearance of William Tyrrell.

I’m sure Jenny would be happy to take on board any help or ideas in the organisation of this event.

Maybe someone could set up a barbeque or something along those lines.

Thanks to Jenny George for taking up the challenge and let’s hope plenty of people get along to Walk4William.

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