Museum approved for Karuah Centre

Karuah Working Together Committee has, over the last couple of years , been working on updating the Business Plan for the Centre building, which we lease from Port Stephens Council, to try and find a way to attract more visitors to Karuah without impinging on the business offered by local shops.karuah centre

“We decided that if we kept all the aspects of what we currently offer(see attachment) and added a small Karuah Interpretive Museum (KIM) we may be able to attract those people interested in the story of the town to come off the Highway and visit us as well as other businesses in town,” said  Benita Parker.

“Because of limited space this would mean we wouldn’t have a museum in the old sense where there is an accumulation of artefacts but rather a set of pictorial information boards, display cabinets and some videos which would tell  about three aspects of the community life – The Worimi, the Australian Agricultural Co, and the oyster Industry.”

“We have been given the use of 4 display units by Port Stephens Council.”

“Our Plan was passed by the Committee and the Council verified that we could proceed, however there was some additional costs involved which added to our budget and at the moment we are endeavouring to find some financial assistance to cover this.

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