Michael Growth, Tea Gardens, caught more than he expected: Marlin

Michael Groth filed this report about his great fishing adventure:

I was fishing with my partner, Cindy out around the 21 reef, east of Broughton Island hoping to catch snapper.

Michael Groth and Cindy McTiernan

Michael Groth and Cindy McTiernan

We had caught a few other fish from the bottom but nothing special, we decided to put a lightly weighted whole yellowtail out to try our luck.

There was a little movement evident on the line so I picked up the rod and felt a bit of weight and so started winding it in.

It wasn’t until the line started to really move that I realised there was something serious at the other end.

Michael Groth & his marlin copy

Michael Groth & his marlin copy

The line started heading toward the surface then the fish leapt out of the water, we were both stunned.

We weren’t sure if we could land it as neither of us had had any experience with fish this size and we were using pretty light gear, we even phoned a few friends for advice.

The fight lasted about 30 – 40 minutes with the fish leaping and running numerous times.

Eventually, working together, we were able to land it.

The biggest fish we had ever seen let alone caught.

It weighed in at 27.3kg cleaned.

Myall Coast News spoke to

the Fishing Club

Heather Vaughan at the Tea Gardens Country Club Fishing Club said, “It’s the biggest fish weighed in ever as far as we know, for Tea Gardens Country Club Fishing Club.

“Congratulations Michael Groth and Cindy McTiernan for her help, in landing this beauty,” she said.

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